What is CotIS?

The following is Part I of a five part series which aims to reveal the important details of the WSMG Society’s fourth MegaGame, Chaos on the Iron Sea.

What is CotIS?

Chaos on the Iron Sea, referred to as CotIS for short, is a political/strategy simulation set in the year 1719 as the Golden Age of Piracy slowly draws to a close. The game is part roleplay, part strategy game, and focusses on the happenings surrounding a fictional expanse of the Caribbean dubbed as the Black Noose Islands over a period of 3 months (7 real time hours)

What’s new in CotIS?

As the Western Sydney MegaGame Society’s fourth event, CotIS will contain some of the stock standard, tried and tested game elements that have made our previous events successful. On top of those already known, however, are a few new features we’ll be tabling specifically for this event:

  • Brand new strategic, card-based conflict resolution system
  • Return of dice in dealing out random, percentile terror on players!
  • Allocated game time for player voted awards (and prizes)
  • Personalised pre-game briefings with more in-depth and measureable player principles, objectives, contextual knowledge and relationships
  • Items and Resources utilised by all players, provided by Moderators and driven by a player moulded economy with its own trends and limitations
  • 90+ participants, including the Moderator team
  • More focussed, team based mini-games (different team types have specially crafted gameplay mechanics unique to them)
  • Unaligned players with unique (and secret) objectives and origins
  • More mechanical and interactive game pieces/book keeping methods
  • New, structured Moderator rulebooks for guided decision making and rule clarifications
  • More specific Moderator roles, including a resource management ‘Banker’
  • New catering plan

What are the teams like?

More specific information on the different teams will be available in the coming weeks, however the following briefing synopses should help you get a handle on what kinds of roles will be on offer:

Pirates [5 teams, 5 roles per team]

Pirates each have their own individual team goals, but generally go about pillaging and making coin in any way they can.

They are not necessarily ‘evil’ or antagonistic, but instead simple folk who have chosen a life of freedom from beneath the banners of civilised Europe.

Royal Navies [4 teams, 5 roles per team]

The four Royal Navies operating in CotIS (the English, French, Dutch and Spanish) share similar compositions, but their purposes vary drastically.

Enforcing the law, hunting down criminals, protecting the assets of their respective monarchs and providing safety to settlements and merchants are some common activities carried out by the navies.

Merchants [3 teams, 3 roles per team]

Merchants, all operating independently, are in it for the money and compete with one another to complete contracted jobs – moving goods (and people) from one place to another, providing courier services, acting as contractors in any field they can, etc.

Settlements [4 teams, 5 roles per team]

Settlements are hubs of society around the Iron Sea and their main purpose is twofold: to provide services and trade to travellers (including the above teams), while also providing a safe and healthy place to live for their permanent residents.

Unaligned [no teams, 4 roles]

Little is known about the unknown players, though they operate independently around the Black Noose Islands with their own principles and goals, moving between different teams as they require.

When do we play?

CotIS will be played on Saturday, 5 November 2016. Tickets for the game will go on sale in two waves (Moderators followed by Players). Player tickets will only be advertised once all Moderator tickets have been claimed.

Moderator Tickets [$15]
On Sale: Saturday, 2 July 2016 – 7pm

Player Tickets [$25]
On Sale: Saturday, 30 July 2016 – 7pm

Briefing Packs [$8]
Player Briefings will be sent: Saturday, 15 October 2016