Pirates of CotIS

The following is Part III of a five part series which aims to reveal the important details of the WSMG Society’s fourth MegaGame, Chaos on the Iron Sea.

Pirates of the Iron Sea

Throughout the Caribbean, and specifically around the Iron Sea, numerous infamous pirate crew operate freely and with horrific reputations. Five particular personalities have become quite well known over the past weeks as they unknowingly converged upon the scattering of islands which will likely determine the fate of their kind for years to come.

TORN Bowbreaker

The Bowbreaker

Spoken of in hushed tones due to its aggressive reputation and forboding red flag, The Bowbreaker has been a notorious stalker of the Iron Sea for over a decade, known for taking on heavily armed naval vessels solely on principle.

TORN The Painted Whore

The Painted Whore

A ship and crew known for its colourful flag and nonchalant terror on the open seas, the Painted Whore has an almost jovial reputation around the Black Noose Islands. Still a new name on the seas, the crudely named vessel has made a name for itself (and inspired rumours of its true allegiance) by nearly exclusively preying on Spanish vessels.

TORN The Maiden's Lament

The Maiden’s Lament

A ship rumoured to be crewed by only the most psychotic, inhumane men and women to walk the earth, the Maiden’s Lament is rumoured to be an old Spanish galleon which was liberated by escaped convicts and the mentally unstable several years ago. Its mismatched colours are met with genuine horror by most civilised folk.

TORN Grey Crow

The Grey Crow

An old British warship sold at auction as surplus, the Grey Crow has a reputation of professionalism and efficiency on the open oceans, operated by a crew of ex-military officers who seek a life of freedom away from their former kings and countries. While still feared, the Crow is one of the more respected vessels to have found its way to the Black Noose Islands in recent weeks.

TORN The Iron Shark

The Iron Shark

A war-ravaged, dark paneled vessel that cuts through the waves like a bad dream, the Iron Shark is known to be as merciless and bloodthirsty as its namesake. Nobody is certain how the Shark picks her prey, though naval officers and merchants alike breathe in relief when the formidable black vessel on the horizon stays its course.

Pirate Roles

These pirate teams have 5 players, each fulfilling different purposes in the operation of the vessel and the management of its crew.

Captains are responsible for the overall command and decision making on board the vessel, setting the salaries of different crew members and providing high level combat strategy and direction.

Quartermasters are the right hand of their Captain, carrying our his or her strategic vision. They are responsible for resource management and team coordination, as well as acting as the main advisor to their Captain on all issues impacting the vessel. Quartermasters are also the main diplomacy agent on board the vessel when dealing with other teams.

Boatswains are responsible for managing the crew of the ship and keeping track of cargo, supplies and melee defences. During combat they are responsible for boarding and defensive actions.

Master Sailors are responsible for navigation and movement on the game map, as well as defensive maneuvering during combat. They are also responsible for keeping the ship in good health by undertaking repairs when needed.

Master Gunners are responsible for the armouring and defences of the ship, managing cannon teams during combat, and ensuring all ship weapons are well maintained and ready for combat.