While all Moderators in a MegaGame are there to help drive the game in the right direction, the Moderation team in CotIS has been split up to help better define the roles and duties of each person involved. All Moderators are expected to attend pre-game meetings, help with the setup and pack up of the game, and have a general grasp on the rules and planned narrative.

Beyond that, those who are interested in registering for a Moderator role will find they are offered a selection of 4 different types of Moderator. Each serves a different purpose and requires different skills – which do you suit best?

The Strategist [2 Roles Remaining]

Key responsibilities: Map movement and combat.
This Moderator will be using lots of dice, working with numbers in the shape of modifiers to said dice rolls, and will need a concrete understanding of the more mechanic aspects of the game rules. There are 3 of these Moderators.

The Storyteller [8 Roles Remaining]

Key Responsibilities: Rules Q&A and problem solving.
This Moderator will tailor their time to the needs of the different teams in the game (one of either Pirates, Navies, Merchants or Settlements) and answer rules questions, improvise and solve problems that arise from the players taking on such freeform roles. There are 10 of these Moderators.

The Banker [Role filled]

Key Responsibilities: Resource management and delegation.
This Moderator is immobile and will have a base of operations in the game area. They are responsible for collecting and allocating different resources to the rest of the Moderator team while also keeping a few game related book keeping tasks up to date. There is only 1 of these Moderators.

The Messenger [Role filled]

Key Responsibilities: Support and relaying messages.
This Moderator services both the players and Moderator team by offering support in any way – helping locate a certain player, delivering messages or other paperwork to a different game area, directing players to their intended location, etc. There is only 1 of these Moderators

When purchasing a Moderator ticket you will be asked to pick a preference for your role. These numbers are limited and sales will operate on a first come, first served basis.