Our new MegaGame, currently under the working name of CotIS, is well underway in the design process. While the specifics of its name might still be vague, here are all the stats currently available on this new game:

  • 80+ players – this includes Moderators and 15+ teams
  • Economics – an economy based on the players’ actions, managed by a ‘banker’ Moderator, will put limitations on resources and add a new dynamic to trade and resource management.
  • Items – players will utilise an inventory of ‘items’ that impart special effects on the game events.
  • Historical-Fiction Setting – yet to be announced, the new setting is historically inspired and ventures into a genre not yet explored by the WSMG Society.
  • Player Briefings – briefing information for players, sent out pre-game, will be personalised for every player and will aim to give more quantifiable goals and roleplay principles.
  • 2016 – while dates are speculative, WSMG Society plans to run this game in the last Quarter of 2016.
  • Moderators – new, more stringently designed Moderator Rulebooks will be distributed pre-game, giving more direction to Moderators on their roles.

That’s all for now, but definitely stay tuned as we delve into May as more details of the upcoming game will begin to surface from the depths.



While our online domain has been underutilised in the past, we’re currently undergoing a bit of a revamp to get the online information up to date and in a format that benefits potential players.

Brave New World, carried out just over a week ago, was a great success as our third MegaGame (80+ participants) and planning is already underway for other potentials games for later in the year.

A Success, Editing and BNW

A quick update for followers of the site – Idrinor was a great success!

I’m currently working through the final draft recap of the game which will be posted up on the game page asap. The day was great, if not chaotic, and feedback has been very positive and insightful. We learned a lot about the design process this time around and, despite a few clunky mechanics, I think the team did a great job at pulling together an all original game.

Some photos have been popping up over the last few days, captures from all the footage our media guys got from the day, so I’ll continue to update the site with pics and footage as we work our way through it.

Lastly, BNW – Brave New World. Yes, MegaGame 3 for the Society is already underway, a roughly fleshed out premise for the game coming together a week before Unrest in Idrinor was even played out. Stay tuned for more details as they come!

3 Days Remain

Our second MegaGame – the game of fantasy, medieval politics and intrigue, Unrest in Idrinor – is set to take place in 3 days! There has been an extraordinary response from players (with a full compliment of 54 attendees this time round) and some of the feedback we’ve been getting from teams – who have been coordinating plans, costumes and more – has been overwhelmingly positive.

Keep your eyes peeled for after-action reports and the mini-documentary we’re putting together about the game and the Society.

Final Roles Filled

As of this morning, with 39 days remaining, we have all 44 positions in our Unrest in Idrinor MegaGame filled! The Moderators have been at work over the weekend finalising a few rules and mechanics – we expect to distribute team briefings and rule books over the next few weeks.

4 Roles Left!

As we start counting down the days until Unrest in Idrinor (only 43 to go!) we still have 4 tickets left to sell. While the game will most likely go ahead with or without these roles filled, it would be inconvenient for everyone involved in this 50+ player game if we came up short.

The roles which still remain are for the Scribe team, players who move around the world and gather information about the other teams’ recent activities (and a few other, secretive things, too…) and one ticket for the Anua Aristocrat – a team of seafarers in need of a foreign relations officer.

If you’re even remotely interested I urge you to take a look at the notes on our games here on the site, get involved with the social media community, and sign up for a ticket. You won’t regret it!

We’re media official!

As of this week the Society is legitimised in the media! Our local newspaper, the Camden-Narellan Advertiser, ran a short story on the Society this week with a shout out to potential players for Unrest in Idrinor. Check it out here!

Here’s hoping we’ll get the spotlight again during/after our Idrinor game for some after-action reporting.

Speaking of which, more details soon to follow on the mini-documentary we’ll be filming in the lead up to, and during, Unrest in Idrinor!

Stay tuned…

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Tickets on sale for Unrest in Idrinor!

It’s been a long couple of months since we started pulling together ideas and rules for this new game, but finally there are signs of progress. Tickets for our next MegaGame, Unrest in Idrinor, have gone on sale this morning. We’ve already sold over a dozen (out of a total 44), so be quick if you’re interested.

Tickets can be purchased here!

As tickets are sold, positions filled, and we get closer to May 9, more details on the game and sneak peeks at the rules will become coming your way.