The Western Sydney MegaGame Society is a group of locals (and not so much) who can call themselves board gaming, roleplaying and political simulation enthusiasts. The Society operates in Western Sydney, with the three past MegaGame events taking place within the Macarthur region. We cater to members from all across NSW, however, with a large member base in Wollongong and even players who attended our first MegaGame coming from as far away as Canberra.


Tacticians of The Third Kind [TTK] watching is dismay as the aliens take action

The purpose of the Society, in a nutshell, is to design, organise and play MegaGames (more on those in our FAQs!) Our events are very fast paced, very sociable, and sometimes a little stressful, but offer a safe and encouraging environment for anyone interested in seeing what it’s all about.

The Society, unofficially and in a hypothetical way, first came about on August 28, 2014. Our first game of The Third Kind, a political game of aliens and intrigue, played out at the Narellan library on November 22, 2014, with 32 players in attendance and 4 moderators to run the show.

We played our second MegaGame, a homebrewed, medieval-fantasy political simulation called Unrest in Idrinor. This second game was played on May 9, 2015 and involved over 54 participants.

Our third game, Brave New World, followed in April of 2016. This game was a political simulation of the corrupt future and saw over 80 participants in total.

With no sign of slowing down, development and planning for future games (and perhaps bringing back some classics) is well underway for the future.