Month: May 2016


Our new MegaGame, currently under the working name of CotIS, is well underway in the design process. While the specifics of its name might still be vague, here are all the stats currently available on this new game:

  • 80+ players – this includes Moderators and 15+ teams
  • Economics – an economy based on the players’ actions, managed by a ‘banker’ Moderator, will put limitations on resources and add a new dynamic to trade and resource management.
  • Items – players will utilise an inventory of ‘items’ that impart special effects on the game events.
  • Historical-Fiction Setting – yet to be announced, the new setting is historically inspired and ventures into a genre not yet explored by the WSMG Society.
  • Player Briefings – briefing information for players, sent out pre-game, will be personalised for every player and will aim to give more quantifiable goals and roleplay principles.
  • 2016 – while dates are speculative, WSMG Society plans to run this game in the last Quarter of 2016.
  • Moderators – new, more stringently designed Moderator Rulebooks will be distributed pre-game, giving more direction to Moderators on their roles.

That’s all for now, but definitely stay tuned as we delve into May as more details of the upcoming game will begin to surface from the depths.