A Success, Editing and BNW

A quick update for followers of the site – Idrinor was a great success!

I’m currently working through the final draft recap of the game which will be posted up on the game page asap. The day was great, if not chaotic, and feedback has been very positive and insightful. We learned a lot about the design process this time around and, despite a few clunky mechanics, I think the team did a great job at pulling together an all original game.

Some photos have been popping up over the last few days, captures from all the footage our media guys got from the day, so I’ll continue to update the site with pics and footage as we work our way through it.

Lastly, BNW – Brave New World. Yes, MegaGame 3 for the Society is already underway, a roughly fleshed out premise for the game coming together a week before Unrest in Idrinor was even played out. Stay tuned for more details as they come!